Course Terms & Privacy Statement

  1. Introduction
    This Agreement details the terms of participation in the courses managed and operated by Shay Toder LTD., Tax ID No. 516414877, from Tzur Yigal-Kokhav Yair Israel (“Operator“). By agreeing to these terms as the “Participant” and as a condition to participate in the course of the Operator (the “Course“), You hereby agree to all terms of this Agreement.
  2. Representations and Warranties of the Participant
    1. The Participant declares that he/she has registered after receiving information relating to the content of the Course, and his/her decision has been made after checking that the course fits his needs and goals. However, it is clarified that the Operator may change the content and the methodology of the course from time to time at the Operator’s discretion and according to the Operator’s needs and the Participant shall have no claim regarding such change.
    2. The Participant declares that he/she is aware that the Operator does not guarantee that his participation in the Course and his/her use of the tools and/or knowledge he/she acquired in the course will lead to success, and his/her success depends on parameters which are not necessarily controlled by the Operator including, but not only, self-learning skills, dealing with learning disabilities, influence of third party services on websites which the Participant will provide optimization services, changes of Facebook’s policy regarding optimization methods and more.
  3. Consideration
    1. In consideration for participating in the Course, the Participant will pay the Operator the amount detailed in the Course’s website. It is clarified that the Operator may, from time to time, offer discounts and/or other benefits to the Course prices and to change the prices of the Course at the Operator’s discretion.
    2. Upon paying the consideration the Participant will receive access to the Course within no later than 3 business days, otherwise the Participant must contact the Operator via email: and the Operator will issue a refund to the Participant.
  4. Commissions for Joining other Participants by the Participant
    1. Every Participant will be entitled to receive a commission upon joining participants to the website at the amount detailed by the Operator which will be updated from time to time.
    2. Entitlement to such commission shall apply upon complying with all of the following:
      1. Joining is made via embedding a unique link that the Participant will receive via the website;
      2. The Participant itself is a member of the Course;
      3. The new participant which was joined was never a member of the Course;
      4. The new participant will be registered for over 14 days and/or after the period which does not entitle such new participant to a refund, the earlier of both;
      5. Commission will be paid against an invoice detailing payment details;
      6. Commission will be paid every 60 calendar days (1.1, 1.3, 1.5 and so on) via Bit, PayPal, wire transfer or any other method determined by the Operator.
    3. Any taxes which will apply will be paid by the Participant or alternatively will be deducted by the Operator from the commission that the Participant will be entitled to if the Participant has no tax withholding approval.
    4. It is clarified that the above commission program may be terminated by the Operator at any time at the Operator’s discretion.
  5. Cancellation Policy
    1. The Operator’s policy regarding cancellation of the Course is with accordance to any applicable law including the Israeli Consumer Protection Law-1981, if applicable. By participating in the Course the Participant agrees to such terms.
    2. The Participant will be entitled to a refund within 14 days from the day of purchasing the Course upon notifying a request to cancellation and refund via email:
    3. Upon receiving such notice and provided that the notice was received within the above period, the Operator will block the Participant’s access to the Course and will issue a refund and the Operator may, at its discretion, charge cancellation fees with accordance to any applicable law.
    4. It is clarified that no refunds will be issued if the cancellation notice was sent after the period detailed in section 5.2 above and/or if the cancellation request was not sent by email as detailed above.
  6. No Commercial Use of the Course’s Content
    It is clarified that all contents of the Course are copyrighted and owned by the Operator. Therefore any use of the Course’s content is solely for personal and educational use, and any commercial use is prohibited including, but not only, distributing, copying and/or using the content of the Course for teaching a competing course and/or for any other business purpose. It is clarified that the Operator grants the Participant a personal license in the content of the Course and not any rights or copyrights of the Course.
  7. Accessing Exclusive Content; Expiration of Availability of the Course and other Content
    1. The Participant may receive access to exclusive content of the Operator including access to an exclusive Facebook group of the Operator, all as will be determined by the Operator from time to time. It is clarified that such group is closed wish exclusive content owned and managed by the Operator which may be accessed only by participants of the Course, and it is strictly prohibited to copy and/or transfer any content of such group to any third party without the Operator’s prior and written consent.
    2. Following 12 months from the date of registration to the Course, the Operator may block the access of the Participant to the content of the Course and to closed groups (including Facebook groups).
    3. It is clarified that operating a Facebook group (or any group in any other platform) depends on policies of third parties which are not controlled by the Operator (such as Facebook), and therefore the Operator does not warrant that the group will always be active including, but not only, in case Facebook will decide, at its discretion, that the activity of the group isn’t possible, and such event will not constitute a breach of this Agreement.
  8. Mailings, Privacy and Database
    1. By participating in the Course the Participant agrees that the Operator will send it mailings with accordance to the Israeli Communication Law (Telecommunication and Broadcasting-1982).
    2. The Operator collects information provided by the Participant (such as name and email address) and may store statistic information which do not identify the Participant personally (including, but not only, content viewed, duration of use and more).
    3. Personal information will not be transferred to third parties.
    4. According to the Israeli Privacy Law-1981, every individual has the right to browse the information gathered on him and stored in the databases. An individual who found that his or her stored information is incomplete, inaccurate, unclear and/or updated may address the owner of such database and request the amendment and/or update and/or removal of his or her information via email:
  9. Miscellaneous
    1. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel, and the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Tel-Aviv, Israel, for any litigation and/or dispute arising out of this Agreement.
    2. If a Participant will breach any of the terms of this agreement (including, but not only, will transfer content from a closed group to any third party), the Participant’s access to the Course will be blocked without any entitlement to a refund (without derogating from any other action the Operator may pursue regarding such breach).

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