Reduce Unused CSS

Do you have a recommendation to Reduce Unused CSS in speed tests?

And you have no idea how to fix it,
You tried to find solutions that did not work at all, or your site broke because of them…

Want the recommendations to turn green?

Why is it essential to reduce unused CSS?

As part of page speed optimization, we strive to reduce the number of requests and the weight of each request so that the browser will display the page and its elements as quickly as possible.

And this is even more important in mobile because the network speed is even slower.

This is also reflected in speed tests because Reduce unused CSS directly affects metrics like FCP and LCP.


The Answer - Reduce Unused CSS Guided Solution

Included in the guide are the following:


A free plugin for your use


Programmer knowledge not required


Improvement within 30 minutes


Most importantly, a safelist — a long and unique list of values that I constructed while improving sites for clients so that the design in all the elements is preserved


A simple,
step-by-step tutorial in which I will explain exactly
what to install and define


PDF file with all the steps

A Peek at the Guide


The Solution

Reduce Unused CSS Guided Solution
$ 19
  • The complete guide
  • A unique list of values to preserve the design of the elements
  • Video + reference document
  • Checklist for improving website speed
  • Access to the private group
  • Access to a unique mailing list



A checklist of things to check when you seek to improve WordPress site speed

Private Facebook Group

Access to a private Facebook group where I personally answer all the questions related to improving website speed

Private Mailing List

Access to a private mailing list for updates and recommendations I will send occasionally. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time

Shay Toder

Page speed optimization expert
Three-time winner in worldwide WordPress performance contests

Questions and Answers

The guide includes a video that explains step by step how to significantly reduce unused CSS, one of the regular recommendations in speed tests as part of improving the speed of WordPress sites.

The guide also includes a safelist — a unique list of values ​​so that the process does not eliminate CSS as it should—and significantly reduces the chance that the design of elements on the site will disappear.

Sometimes yes, but it is quite possible that even though we will reduce unused CSS, the testing tools will still think that more CSS can be reduced, and the recommendation will not be green. Because it’s better safe than sorry, we should not reduce CSS that might not be used, eliminate needed CSS, and break down the site.

No, I use a completely free plugin.

Yes, the solution I show in this guide is for WordPress sites only.

If your site is not WordPress, you can contact me, and I will refer you to paid solutions that can be tested.

Definitely not. In the guide, I explain step by step what to install. Included are all the steps and settings that need to be set.
No programming skills are needed, and any website owner can perform the operation.

Although I give in the guide a safe list that significantly reduces the possibility that the design of elements will disappear, there may be things on your site that I have not encountered, and there may be elements that will lack design.

No worries, you can contact me, and I will help you repair the elements that have lost their design due to the reduction of unused CSS.

The cost is one-time—a total of 19 USD.

Credit Card. Please note that I do not support American Express credit cards.

A tax invoice will be sent automatically to the email you will enter on the payment page.

I am using a secure checkout page. Credit card information is not stored on the site as it is a secured transaction.

After payment, within a few minutes, you will automatically be sent access information to the course system I use, and you will be able to watch the video and use the guide to improve your site speed.

Definitely not.
Login details are personal.
Sharing your login information will result in the account being deleted without a refund.

Yes. Access to the guide is not limited in time.

You can contact me by email or in the private Facebook group so I can help you.

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