Fastest Web Hosting - part two​

In this article I continue the comparison between web hosting companies, seeking for the Fastest Web Hosting.

This is part two of the comparison. Click Fastest Web Hosting – part one, to read the previous article.

This time I used a different performance testing tool: Dotcom-Monitor (it also does website monitoring, loads tests and more).
This tool tests website speed in real browsers from 25 locations worldwide (AWS US-East, Dallas, Denver, Miami, Minneapolis, Montreal, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Paris, Warsaw, Johannesburg, Beijing, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Shanghai, Tokyo, Brisbane, Tel-Aviv).

I compared the following web hosting:

  1. SiteGround
  2. BlueHost
  3. Kinsta
  4. Cloudways

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My personal interest in this WordPress hosting comparison

My blog is dedicated to improving website page speed and decreasing website loading time and when I launched my site, I was a little disappointed with the loading time of my pages, so i started looking for a different hosting company specialized in speed.

Real, recent (2019) and first-hand results

In this comparison I will show you REAL results, all done by me, in April 2019.
I actually paid for every hosting company so I can check all of them with the same configuration.
I compared the cheapest BlueHost shared server, the most expensive SiteGround shared server, and the cheapest Kinsta & Cloudways cloud / dedicated servers (see prices in the table below).

How I performed this WordPress hosting comparison

For each hosting company, 

  • I installed a clean WordPress (5.1) with a fast theme (Astra)
  • I installed the Astra Starter Sites so that I have a real site to test  with
  • I chose the Agency free starter site and installed the four plugins this site needs (Astra Widgets, Contact Form 7, Elementor, Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg)

I didn’t use CDN, although Kinsta & Cloudways offer it in their account, and I even disabled the cache plugins (SG Optimizer in SiteGround & Breeze in Cloudways), so I could see actual response time from the servers.
Both CDN & cache improve performance, but influence the comparison results and I wanted to see the server response time before page improvements.

This is how the page I tested looks like (click to open a bigger image in a new window) – 

demo site mini

Measure Page Loading Time

I checked the following metrics regarding page loading time –
  • HTTPS – Test the availability and performance of the HTTPS website
  • Chrome, Fully Loaded Time – The duration until the page is fully loaded onto desktop.
  • Mobile, Fully Loaded Time – The duration until the page is fully loaded on mobile.

Web Hosting Comparison Results

The following table contains summary results from thousands of test points I did over 20 days.
Green color represents best result, red color represents the worst result.


As you can see, there is a clear winner – Cloudways
I contacted Cloudways and asked for a discount for my viewers.
To get 30% off for 3 months, use this promo : SHAYTODER

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Web Hosting Comparison Results Details

The three graphs below show the percentage of the results that I got under the specified duration.
The X axis is duration in seconds and the Y axis is percentage of the results.
The higher is the line, the better the result.


For example, up to 2 seconds, I only received 51% of the results from BlueHost, compared to 97% of the results from Cloudways.


Here, for example, up to 4 seconds, I got 46% of the results from BlueHost. Compared to 74% of the results from Cloudways.


The mobile results are very similar to the desktop.

As you can see, Cloudways & Kinsta got better results in average duration category, but if we also consider the percentage of errors each hosting got during the test period (can be seen in the table above), Cloudways is the absolute winner (use the promo code SHAYTODER to get 30% discount for 3 months).