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The Missing Piece of the Puzzle of Every Site Builder and SEO Person in 2021:
The Missing Piece of the Puzzle
of Every Site Builder and SEO Person in 2021:

The Page-Speed Expert

A practical online course that will teach you how to improve the speed of any WordPress site.
Get high scores on Google in a matter of hours.
Plus, know that you have given the customer the best and fastest site he can get.

All of that without knowing how to program or code!

The Page-Speed Expert is brought to you by the winner of 1st place in a worldwide WordPress Performance Contest.

You can build beautiful and impressive sites, but they have one problem-they’re slow. When checking the sites on Google Insights, the scores are red and especially on mobile. You have no idea why this is the case. Nor do you know what to do with all the recommendations offered in the test tool. The customer isn’t happy with the scores, or they contacted an SEO person that said the scores are too low. You have an enormous sense of responsibility for it, but you have no idea how to fix it.

So, What Do you Do?

You might have tried to care of it yourself, somehow: researching it online, installing plugins, compressing images-but it didn’t help. You heard that it’s impossible to optimize a website built in Elementor. In the worst-case scenario, you even had to take money out of your pocket to hire an expert to optimize the speed of the site you built, making your profit from the project significantly lower than you expected.

Why Is This Happening?

Most website builders know how to build and design websites, but they don’t understand the essential principles that need to be applied to make the website fast. Many think that you need to be a super-programmer to do it, but the truth is that you can build a beautiful and fast website without compromising on visual quality and without knowing how to program. I know this because I have done so to hundreds of websites myself and taught hundreds of people all over the world how to do it.

I packed all of my practical knowledge into the most comprehensive and focused course there is on optimizing page speed of WordPress websites quickly, and with personal assistance from me to make sure it works.

Meet: The Page-Speed Expert

A course for optimizing the speed of WordPress sites with which you can turn any WordPress website faster in just a few hours and get high scores on Google’s speed tests and most importantly: give your customer the best and fastest site he can get.

How the course works:

Diagnosis Phase

It will help you inspect every website, identify the issues causing it to be slow, and know exactly what can be done to solve them.

Learning Phase

In this stage, we will learn the most common causes for a slow website and how to take care of them in various aspects such as CSS, JS, Cache, third-party scripts, pixels, videos, images, fonts icons, plugins, and more.

Implementation Phase

We will take a slow website and take all the unnecessary and inefficient components out of it, thus making it faster and improving its scores for customers to be more satisfied and for the site to rank higher in Google.

What Do You Learn in the Course?

Solving Critical Problems

The knowledge and solutions to all the critical problems a website builder might face:

Minimizing Requests and Page Size

We will learn how to load visual elements such as images, videos, icons, fonts, and animations to maintain the website’s appearance, making it both beautiful and fast.
We will learn how to minimize the number of requests and page size:

Loading of Scripts

The average website loads many scripts, which causes fatal damage to the website’s performance and scores. We will learn how to load scripts in a way that won’t harm the initial loading of the page while still maintaining its functionality:

Improving Core Web Vitals

How to improve Core Web Vitals: The crucial metrics that affect google ranking are:

Results of Course Members

Over 300 people already purchased the course, here are just a few of their results

Avichay Aharony

Shay is a professional at insane levels in improving the speed of websites.
His course helped me improve my site at a very high level with scores of 99/100 in Google Insights and made me a professional in this field. Before I purchased the course, I checked and saw that no one has a course at a level like Shay’s, so I decided to purchase the course and was not disappointed. I think his course is beneficial, and the price is perfect for the value he offers with the support of the private group on Facebook and in private chat. I must note that Shay is constantly updating the course with new content and the private group. Just a great professional and definitely a master in the field of improving the performance and speed of websites!!!! Thank you, Shay, for everything

Mira Rosenfeld

Shay’s course is the best purchase I have made for my site!
The course is comprehensive and explains everything needed to improve website speed, even for people like me who are not engaged in building websites as a profession. With Shay’s clear lessons and explanations, I addressed all the critical recommendations of Google and GTMetrix that always seemed to me like Chinese and reached a 98/100 score in Page speed insights (not something I believed I would be able to do myself).
Shay prepared an eye-opening and detailed analysis on my site with all the points I need to address. He answers every question, helps in any matter that does not work out, and constantly adds up-to-date knowledge and innovative methods for improving sales.
I highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to improve the speed of his or her site.

Chris James

This course and Shay are great. I have been building sites for many years and consider my skillset to be reasonable.
The course is well structured and plenty of excellent tips and actionable solutions that provide significant improvements.
I would recommend anyone serious about improving their skillset and site’s speeds to do this course. Sure, there are many out there, but this is the one that matters!

Jürgen Winkler


With the help of Shay, I reduced my loading time to 0.6 seconds within three days, and I’m green everywhere with GTMetrix and Google insight! (99/100 & 96/100).



What happens after registration?

The course will be fully open for viewing, and you can start watching all the lessons immediately and begin applying the knowledge.

After registering, you can contact me via Messenger or email.
I will review the website that you would like to optimize and send you specific optimization recommendations.

With the help of the unique action plan that I have given you, you will be able to focus on specific lessons that are important for you to watch and implement to optimize the performance of your website.

It is recommended to watch the diagnosis videos at the beginning of the course, in which I show the process of inspecting different sites, what I check, and what I focus on.

After optimizing your website’s performance, you can ask me to look at it again to see if there’s anything else that can be optimized.

If you have any questions or anything you don’t understand, you can ask in the private Facebook group of the course members.


Ongoing Updates

The field of page speed optimization is constantly being updated. Speed tests give new recommendations from time to time, and I also learn new things that I then put into the course.

Private Community

Access to a private Facebook group where I personally answer all the questions related to improving website speed.

Personal Review

Each course member can send me a link to one website. I will review it and give specific recommendations, as well as an action plan, so you’ll know exactly where to start. After applying the suggestions, I will review them again to find more ways to optimize them.

What is your investment in the course?

Page Speed
Optimization Course

$397 $

Secure Checkout Page

I Offer a 100% Refund in the First 14 Days!

How does it all work?

The course contains about 40 lessons (and more lessons are here to come). Each lesson is focused on solving a specific problem, with a length of 2 to 10 minutes, containing a “Before” page, a step-by-step guide to solving the problem, and an “After” page.

All videos are in English as the course is international. Currently, I have course members from 39 different countries worldwide. All the videos have subtitles in Hebrew and English, from which you can choose.

There is a private Facebook group in English and a separate group in Hebrew in which I answer all the questions related to website speed optimization.

The course contents are available for an entire year, during which you can watch all the lessons and receive, at no additional cost, all the new lessons that will be added during this period. At the end of the year, you will have the option to renew your course membership at a reduced price with a significant discount of 80% on the total cost.

More Results of Course Members

More examples of some of my members,
and the results they achieved thanks to the course

Shay Amos

I recommend Shay Toder’s WordPress Page Speed Optimization Course!
I must tell you that I have never bought a course in my life. I learned everything on my own, Google and YouTube, pure self-discipline LOL.
But it must be noted that everything is very confusing in the area of ​​improving the speed of WordPress sites, and there is no “guide” or free course that really pays off.
After some thought, I purchased his course, and it was really worth every penny!
For those who are involved in SEO / website building and everything related to websites, this course is a must!
It will make your picture clearer and make you approach a website building project differently, saving you a lot of optimization work in the end!

Meital Piterman



I contacted Shay with a mobile speed score of 17. In addition to purchasing a course that miraculously improved my site speed to 97, I transferred my site to the hosting he recommended, and since then, my site has been super-fast!! Amazing service and answers to every question, even in unusual hours, and he always does it thoroughly and from the heart.
I Recommend the course to everyone!!



Elad Paster

I highly recommend Shay’s course to anyone interested in learning to improve website speed professionally and profoundly.

The course is rich in professional knowledge that is updated regularly, with outstanding support.  I really highly recommend it to everyone.


Tiago Bahi

When I found out that Shay had won the Cloudways performance competition, I wanted to do what he did. I wanted to understand how he did site optimization. And I was thrilled when I was able to enroll in his course. Shay is a guy who shares everything he knows. Best practices and winner-changer tips that don’t exist anywhere else. I totally recommend this course to everyone who takes their business seriously.

Nice to meet you;
I’m Shay Toder

Page Speed Optimization Expert.
winner of 1st place in 2019 and 3rd place in 2020 in a worldwide WordPress Performance Contests.

I’ve always liked improving speed, whether on websites or queries as a SQL DBA.
I love researching, learning, improving, and helping others improve the speed of their websites.

shay toder

Questions and Answers

No. You don’t need to know how to program to succeed in the course.

You just need to know how to install plugins and edit your WordPress site’s pages.

At the beginning of the course, there are a few audit videos in which I show how to check different sites, what I check, and what I focus on, which will help you know how to get started.

After signing up, I will review the website that you would like to optimize and send you specific optimization recommendations so that you will be able to focus on specific lessons that are important for you to watch.

You can be confident that using what is learned will, without a doubt, improve the speed of your website!

I know these techniques work from experience; I use them every day.

I won worldwide WordPress Performance contests using these techniques and still haven’t come across a case where they failed to optimize speed, not even once!

It won’t take you long to complete it.

Each lesson is between 2 to 10 minutes and is focused on solving a specific problem in a way that is easy to follow and implement right away!

Almost every lesson has a “before” and “after” scenario along with detailed steps to solve the problem.

In addition, you can skip lessons that are not as relevant to you (for example, if you don’t have Google Maps on your website, you can skip this specific lesson).

All videos are in English, and they all have both English and Hebrew subtitles from which you can choose.

There is a private Facebook group in Hebrew that’s separate from the private group in English.

Login details are personal for each member.

Sharing your login information will result in the termination of your account with no refund.

The cost is a one-time payment that will give you password-protected login details to the course, giving you full access to all the course videos, including all the updates and new lessons I will upload during this period. You will have unlimited access for an entire year!

At the end of the year, you will get the option to extend your membership at a reduced price of $97.


I offer a 100% refund in the first 14 days!

You can send me an email proving you have used my techniques and the speed of your website has not been optimized at all, and I will send you a refund as soon as possible!

You can pay with a credit card on the secure payment page.

Some countries will not be able to pay using a credit card. In such a case, you can pay with PayPal or contact me to settle the payment.

Do you have any unanswered questions?

ThePageSpeed course

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