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Worldwide 1st place winner of the WordPress Performance Contest!

What your SLOW Website is Currently Costing you:

    • SEARCH ENGINE RANKING (Are you the first site they see?) – Faster performing sites may rank higher in search engine results
    • HOT CUSTOMERS & LEADS (you worked hard to get them there… will they stick?) – 25% of all users (as many as 53% of mobile site visitors) will abandon your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load
    • SALES CONVERSIONS (will take action on what your site is built for?) – A  mere 0.1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversion!
    • VISITOR SATISFACTION (will they return and refer?) – 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. If you don’t meet this expectation, they will move on and never come back.
0.1 sec delay

Site Builders have the odds stacked against them!

  • Hours research on your own just to improve ONE site!
  • Breaking the site while trying to speed it up - unfortunately NOT uncommon!
  • Confused by articles or posts you read online with NOBODY to ask for help!
  • Paying a speed expert from your own pocket reducing overall profits
  • Clients not pleased with the site performance even when you've done ALL you can!

What if you had the #1 WordPress Performance Expert on your side?

  • NO MORE GUESSING! I will walk you through, so you will know exactly what to do.
  • Finally a complete resource: I cover dozens of extremely in demand topics with clear detail so that ANYONE can follow along
  • Quick Results: you can learn within a couple of lessons exactly how to improve your site speed and/or your clients'
  • Save Money: No need to hire an expert anymore
  • Be ahead of your competition: with the most comprehensive course on page speed optimization

My name is Shay Toder,  I’m a Website Speed Optimization Expert and the 1st place winner in the WordPress Performance Contest 2019.

This course includes all my secrets & tricks I used to WIN the WordPress Competition, and continue to use everyday in my work with private clients who hire me to improve the speed of their sites.

In this course you will learn how to speed up sites in an easy and non-complicated way that GUARANTEES results!
Shay Toder
winning wordpress performance contest

Examples from the course

Keep in mind...Fewer requests & lower page size = faster web site
(Move the black handle right to left)

How to improve Font Awesome

Before After

How to improve embedding YouTube videos

Before After

How to improve embedding Google Maps

Before After

How to improve Contact Form 7

Before After

Who This Is For:

who 1

Site Builders who KNOW the power of speed is what their websites are missing and is ready to level up their skills

who 2

SEO experts who wants to improve onsite optimization skills and deliver a more complete job for their clients

page speed

Any hard working person who wants to learn & master new skills and turn it into a successful and in demand online profession

What you will get when you enroll...


**** All Lessons and materials are in English (videos provide English & Hebrew Subtitles) ****


This section contains the MAIN Speed optimizers. The ones that will make up to 90% of your speed optimization improvement!

You should check EVERY site with these lessons & optimize these core areas first!

  • Hosting company – understand how important the hosting company is for your site
  • Reduce TTFB – the time for the first byte to receive from the server (Google looks at this value)
  • Images – Compress & resize
  • Page errors such as fixing broken requests, avoiding redirects

This section will be sold for $197 on it’s own once the course will go public!


Here is where you can really personalize your websites without sacrificing SPEED! With the CLASSIC Section you will may not use ALL of the items for EVERY page, but you will have clear instructions for how to tackle the MAIN secondary issues that all sites have. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Contact Form 7 & Partially Used plugins
  • Google Maps
  • Google Analytics
  • Finding used fonts
  • YouTube videos
  • Faster page switching
  • Lazy Load
  • Contact Form 7 Refill
  • Delay the load of non-critical resources
  • Critical CSS
  • How to read waterfall
  • CDN & Cloudflare
  • Reduce FCP & FID
  • and more

This section is valued at $297 on it’s own!


Want to have the FASTEST website? Want to enter SPEED Competitions? Want to be able to charge more from clients due to having expert level knowledge of speed optimization? THIS is the section that will get you there! It includes but is not limited to:

  • Font awesome
  • Accelerate external domains
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Unused characters in fonts
  • Elementor icons (eicons)
  • tawk.to chat
  • VirtualSpirits chat
  • Remove unused CSS
  • Recaptcha
  • WooCommerce 
  • WebP
  • and many more

This section takes you from Excellent to the EXPERT! Imagine being the ONLY person around who can customize a site to this level without ruining the load time and turning away potential clients!

This Extensive section is easily worth $500+ as it took me years to learn it all, these are the secrets that took me from an EXPERT to the #1 International WordPress Performance winner! NOBODY else out there teaches it like this!

*** The BOLDED lessons are IMMEDIATELY available upon registering! Dozens of lessons more are planned and will be available in the next few months

Total Value = $994
All three can be yours for $397

THAT’s over 60% off!
If you think THAT’S amazing…

Become an early adopter
and receive another 25% off making your total investment today
just $297 TOTAL!

This is by far the most comprehensive course on page speed optimization!
With it you can finally get your site speed up to where it needs to be!



Benefits of taking this course

Market yourself with additional skill, so you can charge more
load time
Build faster websites, to satisfy your clients and get more referrals
Expend your services by offering speeding up sites
Do a better onsite SEO
No need to pay to page speed experts

Those who take action FAST are the MOST likely to succeed! So I want to offer some additional Fast Action Enrollment Bonuses that are worth an additional $900+ in Value!

Anyone who enrolls NOW will also receive these INCREDIBLE BONUSES as a thank you for  jumping in while the course is being completed!


Join the private group where you can ask me anything and I will personally answer you. This group will be FILLED with the most enthusiastic and successful site builders, just like yourself! (Access to this group is valued at $297)


You have a site to improve, but you don't know how to start? I will give you a blueprint you can follow, so you will know how to start improving the site speed.
These are the steps I am doing whenever I get a new site to improve. ($125 Value)

Personal Assistance

Send me one site URL you wish to improve, and I will send you my recommendations and what you should check and do. (Hiring a personal consultant at my level can cost $500 for a single session!)

Constant updates

This course is the most comprehensive & easy to use optimization course that's out there and I am dedicating to keeping it updated to maintain the level of excellence. I will constantly update the course materials and notify you by email. (PRICELESS!)


Up to 50% Commissions!

Total value of BONUSES = MORE THAN $900+
The site is faster than loading it locally

Tamir, Web Agency

Shay, thank you for the amazing job

Judit, Photographer

The site works very fast

Yael, Site Owner

The site flies

Ariel, Site Owner

money back
30 days 100% money-back guarantee!

If you use all the relevant techniques shown and DO NOT see any change in the website speed at all, then I will refund 100% of your purchase price no questions asked!
Shay, wow, i don't have enough words to express my thanks

Michal, Site Owner

Super helpful thanks Shay Toder

Freedom, Site Builder

Shay Toder, Thank you very much, score is perfect now

Filip, Site Builder

Shay Toder, thank you very much for the insights.

Olaleye, Site Builder


This is the reason I included a blueprint!
The blueprint shows a path, on how to start improving a website, even if you have NO idea where to begin.
It will show you the exact tools I am using in my daily job of improving page speed, the things I am looking for and what are the steps I do, so that YOU can model my successful approach and make progress quickly!

Yes! If you have questions before enrolling please contact me.

As a member, a closer communication between us is part of the bonuses of the course!

Once you enroll, you are free to ask me ANY question in our private Facebook Community, and I will personally ensure you receive a prompt response. 
If you enroll in time to receive the bonuses, you can send me a url of your choosing for a site you are working on that is stumping you. 
I will personally give recommendations on things that can be improved after a thorough review of that site. 

Think less about completing the training and MORE about completing a website speed optimization project. 

There are DOZENS of topics, all serving their purpose. And it is designed to give you pinpointed help on a specific topic in a way that you can follow along and implement immediately!

In almost every topic there is a video lesson, where I show a before & after scenario together with detail steps on how to solve the issue.
You do not need to COMPLETE the course to USE the course. But in having a complete reference you will be able to complete more website speed projects more simply and quickly than ever before! 
I only support PayPal payments.

I offer a 30 day 100% moneyback guarantee!

In the first 30 days of enrollment, use all the lessons you want. If you use the relevant techniques shown and DO NOT see any change in the website speed for the site you are working on, then I will refund 100% of your purchase price no questions asked!

Listen, I KNOW these techniques work! I use them every single day, won the WordPress performance competition with them, and have yet to see them fail to improve speed ONCE!

I am willing to risk a FULL REFUND if not. You should feel confident that if you use what is taught, there is no doubt that the website’s speed will improve!

If you happen to be the first person to not experience speed improvement on their site after properly implementing these techniques? Simply email me showing proof of the techniques used, and that it did not speed up your site at all, and I will gladly refund you as quickly as possible

This is a ONE TIME Payment!

When you enroll you get an unlimited license for a full year! 

This means that you can log in as MANY times as you want to you own personal password protected library. Watch the videos as MANY times as you like, and use all resources available to you through your enrollment for a full year!

*** Please note that sharing a login will result in your account termination without refund. One login per person. However if you believe you know someone who would benefit from my course materials, You can take advantage of the affiliate opportunity and earn money while you help a friend find the course they need!

I am so excited that you want to share this course with others who need it!

I offer an affiliate opportunity to ANYONE who enrolls in my course.

This means that as soon as you enroll, you can begin sharing it with others who need it, and can earn back enough to cover your own enrollment price plus more!

*** Full details can be found inside of your library once you enroll

All the training videos, written instructions, and guides are in English.

The videos ALSO come with English & Hebrew Subtitles

STOP wasting time, money, and effort doing things the hard way. Take advantage of my step-by-step guidance and FINALLY become the speed expert EVERYONE recommends!

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